Security Tips


Here are some tips to protect yourself online:

  • Ensure your passwords aren’t based on personal information that could be easily discovered or guessed, such as your date of birth.
  • Change your passwords at least every two months.
  • Change your Internet Banking password immediately on a non-infected device if your computer has been infected with a virus or malicious software.
  • Never record your passwords and store them in an unsecure place.
  • NEVER click on links in emails claiming to be an Internet Banking link.
  • If using a public computer, ensure your private details are protected and remember to log off at the end of your session.
  • When making payments online, look for a "padlock" icon in your web browser to indicate the site is secure.
  • Never supply your account or card details online unless you have initiated the transaction.
  • Never follow a link in an email asking for your account or card details.
  • Activate the email confirmation option for Internet Banking transactions to help monitor your account.